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Keg Fills and Purchases

Shout has you sorted for Corny (19L) keg fills and 50L Keg purchases for home use!

Corny (19L) Keg Fills

Yes, the rumours are true! We DO fill corny kegs for home pouring. Haven’t you ever wanted to come home of an afternoon, pull out a cold glass from the fridge, pour yourself a tasty Mullet schooner and just shrug off the working week? Well all you need is a kegerator and a couple of 19L cornelius kegs. Talk to our brewer at the bar or your local homebrew shop on how to set a kegerator up at home and bring your kegs into us to fill. We will also fill smaller keg sizes that are designed to attach to a home tap system if your fridge space is a premium. So if you have 10L or even 5L kegs around with ball or pin lock fittings, we will fill them under pressure.


Currently all our core range is available for fills and some limiteds are available, with pricing varying from $160 to $230. Currently, the core range pricing is as follows

  • Mullet Pale Ale (4.7%): $165

  • Minnow Mid Strength Pale Ale (3.2%): $160

  • Keep Newy Weird West Coast IPA (6.2%): $175

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Juice NEIPA (6.8): $207


Our bar staff are more than happy to pour you a mouthful of any of the available limiteds to help you decide which you want and will supply you with the pricings of those.


We are very strict with our cleanliness of kegs that we will fill, which undergo cleaning, rinsing, sanitising and purging all air out so that your beer remains fresh for as long as possible. We offer a $10 discount for those that can competently do this themselves, but you’ll have to pass the brewers test. We’re happy to show you those routines as well.


In general, it is best to leave the kegs with us overnight so we can find the time necessary to fill them. You can leave them with the bar staff during opening hours along with your name, phone number, beer choice and preferred pickup day. You’ll be sipping on Shout in no time!

50L Keg and Magic Box Hire

​Coming soon. 

For wholesale pricing and enquires please contact

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