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informal Australian

treat (someone) to (something, especially a drink) 

"I'll shout you a beer" 


Founded in 2018, Shout Brewing Co has grown into a local community institution, right on the edge of Islington. Whether you're a craft beer connoisseur or just exploring, Shout Brewing Co. has the perfect beer waiting for you from their delightful selection of styles.


What sets us apart? It's the heart and soul we pour into every batch. As an independent brewery, we take immense pride in being hands-on ensuring the freshest, purest, and most innovative flavors make their way to your glass.


Our Clyde Street hub is where the magic happens, and our commitment to our community shines. We're not just about making great beer; we're about making a difference. By supporting local sporting clubs, cultural institutions and charities, we give back to the community that has supported us.


So, come on over, grab a beer, and be a part of our story. Shout Brewing Co. is here to serve you the finest brews while making a positive impact on our beloved community. 


Shout Brewing Co.

Tell 'em to give you a Shout!

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