Shout Brewing Co. is an independent brewery based in the Mayfield, NSW. The four owners Jim, Mick, Dyl and Jake met just a stone throw away playing soccer together on the fields of Stevenson Park. It was apparent early on that their talents lay outside the soccer pitch, and fortunately discovered they shared a love of making and drinking great beer. 


After many years of deliberating about having a crack at starting a brewery, things got serious in late 2018. The decision to open a brewery came from all agreeing that a great place like Newcastle deserved to have more beer brewed locally.   Jim, Jake and Dyl all being avid home brewers, combined with Mick’s business sense, led to the opening of the Shout Brewing Co. 200 litre nano-brewery in October 2019. 


We pride ourselves on not only being independent, but a local brewery where the owners also make the beer. 


Shout Brewing Co.

Beer to be enjoyed with friends

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