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Core Range 

Mullet Pale Ale 4.7%

A beer that straddles the line of approachability for the less craft beer-inclined yet enough substance to satisfy those with a craftier palate. The Mullet pale ale pours a pale amber colour which hints at its malty base. This subtle malt background is the perfect platform for the Citra hops to shine through which contribute a restrained but ever-present bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits.

Minnow Mid -Strength Pale Ale 3.2%

Sometimes life asks you whether you're a Minnow or a Mullet. Sometimes you just need that 'post match esky beer' or that 'taking it a little easy tonight' beer that doesn't taste like water. Use of oats, high mash temperatures and a healthy dose of dry hops gives the Minnow the body and aroma of a full strength pale ale without the ABV of a Mullet. We're sure the Minnow Mid-Strength will catch your eye and keep you on the line for more.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Juice (NEIPA) 6.8%

A classic take on the popular New England IPA style. Cloudy With A Chance Of Juice delivers a tropical fruit bowl delicately poised upon a foggy cloudiness for that low bitterness, creamy mouthfeel NEIPA experience. The use of Sigmund Voss kveik yeast adds a unique touch to this satisfying ale.

Keep Newy Weird West Coast IPA 6.2%

Have you ever eaten a pine cone? neither...... This is nothing like that. This beer tastes like pristine beaches mixed with coal dust and memories of phallic lookouts. This beer tastes like red and blue, like triumph in the face of adversity. It’s better than lego and it tastes best shared with mates. Real beer for real Novocastrians

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