Core Range 

Mullet Pale Ale

A beer that straddles the line of approachability for the less craft beer-inclined yet enough substance to satisfy those with a craftier palate. The Mullet pale ale pours a pale amber colour which hints at its malty base. This subtle malt background is the perfect platform for the Citra hops to shine through which contribute a restrained but ever-present bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits.

Drop Dead Red Lager 

A beer that has a distinct rich red hue, Drop Dead Red is a crisp, malt forward and medium body lager. A sessionable beer perfect to drink any time of the year.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Juice (NEIPA) 

A classic take on the popular New England IPA style. Cloudy With A Chance Of Juice delivers a tropical fruit bowl delicately poised upon a foggy cloudiness for that low bitterness, creamy mouthfeel NEIPA experience. The use of Sigmund Voss kveik yeast adds a unique touch to this satisfying ale.

Tasting Bar Beers 

Our tasting bar offers a range of beers that can't be found elsewhere. It's an ever changing and growing lineup across our 8 taps.


All our tasting bar beers are available for tasting at the brewery (200ml) as well as takeaway sales in growlers and squealers. 


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