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Mullet Pale Ale

Shout XPA

A beer that straddles the line of approachability for the less craft beer-inclined yet enough substance to satisfy those with a craftier palate. The Mullet pale ale pours a pale amber colour which hints at its malty base. This subtle malt background is the perfect platform for the Citra hops to shine through which contribute a restrained but ever-present bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits.

A crystal clear, thirst-quenching extra pale ale. This beer is made for the Newie summer. The XPA 50+ is pleasingly light bodied with the delicate presence of floral hops to remind you that this is no megaswill lager. This easy drinker will slake your thirst and tickle your tastebuds.

Slip, slop and slap down a nice cold glass of XPA 50+ today!