Mullet Pale Ale (4.7% ABV)

A beer that straddles the line of approachability for the less craft beer-inclined yet enough substance to satisfy those with a craftier palate. The Mullet pale ale pours a pale amber colour which hints at its malty base. This subtle malt background is the perfect platform for the Citra hops to shine through which contribute a restrained but ever-present bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits.

Tasting Bar Beers 

Our tasting bar offers a range of beers that can't be found elsewhere. It's an ever changing and growing lineup. All our tasting bar beers are available for takeaway sales in growlers and squealers. 


Currently on tap at the Shout Brewing Tasting Bar....

"Cloudy with a Chance of Juice" New England IPA (Out of stock)

"Mullet" Pale Ale

"Unprecedented Times" IPA

Cloudy XPA 

"Drop Dead Red" Vienna Lager 

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Dark Ale  

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