Shout Brewing is a small batch brewery based in Mayfield West.

We pride ourselves on not only being independent, but where the owners are involved in brewing.

So why the name Shout? The name Shout Brewing Co. refers to shouting a round of drinks.

Something we all do all the time.

As a company we feel that we share similar values

Represents something collective and generosity between friends. 

Shout Brewing Co 

Born & Brewed in Newcastle


Home Delivery

We provide a delivery service of our beer to the Newcastle area (approx. 5km radius from Mayfield). Check out our store for more information including up to date information on our available beers. Delivery 7 days a week.


Tasting Bar

We are now open for tastings as well takeaway sales of growlers and merchandise.

Shout Brewery is located at 13 Channel Road Mayfield West.  


Opening Hours

Friday 4pm to 5:30pm

Saturday 2pm to 5pm  



What would you like to see in a brewery? What beers take your fancy? Let us know your thoughts with the contact info below.

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