Growler Refill delivered to your door. Only available to existing customers who have purchased a growler from us. 

We will deliver you a fresh growler full of beer of your choice, then collect your old empty growler. 

Delivery only available to Newcastle NSW (Approx. 5km from brewery at Mayfield West)

Order before 3pm for same day delivery. All orders are delivered between the hours of 5-7pm. Please advise us of any requests and feel free to email us for further clarification. We will try our best to accommodate you.

Growler Refill

  • Never used a growler before? No worries, here's a rundown.

    -Growlers are 1.89L in capacity, but they don't preserve the beer the same way a can does. As soon as a beer is poured from the tap it comes into contact with oxygen and it starts to release its carbon dioxide so we take steps to minimise this at the brewery and advise you with the following.

    -Once you get your growler home, keep it cold and out of direct sunlight. We recommend drinking the beer within 4 days (though you may be able to hold it a little longer) and in one sitting (good for sharing). If you do want to keep it longer, just make sure to minimise the time the cap is off the bottle, the time the bottle is out of the cold and don't shake it up.

    -When you're done, give it a good rinse out with water straight away and let it dry completely before putting the cap back on. When you want to use it again, give it another rinse with water and take it to wherever you're filling it. Feel free to ask us for a rinse with our non-rinse sanitiser before we fill it. We just want what is best for the beer! And you!